Using Lyra ensures your design complies with the applicable electrical, fire, and structural codes, so you can design with confidence.

Upgrading a concept design to a permit-ready design is a quick two-step process. It’s simple to add racking hardware, disconnects, combiners, transition boxes, OCPDs, conduit, and conductors. Lyra will ensure the design complies with the applicable codes based on where the address is set and the information you provide.

Here are the National building codes in the US that we support. Please note not all local or state codes that are derived from these National codes are listed below. If you don’t see a code that you require or would like to request a code to be added to Lyra, please following below button below and make a request.

Electrical Codes

2011 NEC
2014 NEC
2017 NEC
2020 NEC
2023 NEC
2019 CEC
2022 CEC

Fire codes

IFC 2012
IFC 2015
IFC 2018
IFC 2021
NFPA 2015
NFPA 2018
NFPA 2021
CFC 2019
CFC 2022

Structural Codes

ASCE 7-10
ASCE 7-16
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