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May 25, 2023

API updates

  • THWN conductor type is now available as an option

May 24, 2023

Design tool 1.28.7

  • Enter will not close a modal if the focus is currently set on a form field.

May 23, 2023

Host app 0.14.95

  • Display installer in the project list on the Dashboard

Design tool 1.28.6

  • Enable enter and escape key events on opened modals

API updates

  • Show current output of microinverter to 1/100 level precision on SLD (There will be a follow up to do this with AC modules as well)

  • Disable support for supply-side connections when the system has partial home backup

May 18, 2023

API updates

  • Ability to generate three-line diagrams for central string inverter systems

  • Fix for bug where the installer’s Street Address 2 was not placed on a separate line in the title block on PV-3, causing overflow

  • Changed name of “NXT Horizon” mounting system to “NXT UMount”

  • Changed name of “The Narragansett Electric Co” utility to “Rhode Island Energy”

  • Ground snow load of 0PSF will now be displayed on the cover page. Previously it was omitted to save space with the assumption that AHJs in areas without snow would not be concerned with the ground snow load

  • Subpanel will be displayed on the site placard when the interconnection is “Subpanel Tie-In”

  • Support for City of Boulder, CO Fire Code (COBFC) - projects within the City of Boulder will have fire ventilation setback and pathways options of “1ft” and “2.5ft” as per COBFC

May 17, 2023

Design tool 1.28.5

  • Fix for jittering when moving roof face vertex with the Line Snap guideline enabled

  • Fix for bug where the preview line would sometimes be shown as invalid when tracing a roof face snapped to a roof outline

May 12, 2023

Design tool 1.28.4

  • Custom base imagery - upload and scale a custom image such as drone imagery or blueprint for new construction to use as basis for the design!

  • Columns for conduit options moved to the far right side of the circuit table

  • Fix for error that could occur when reloading a project

May 3, 2023

Design tool 1.27.12

  • Improvement to the individual roof face properties panel on the Array Placement step to prevent a backend error

  • Fix for error that could occur during Electrical Design

  • Fix for error that could occur when editing the fire ventilation layout on Array Placement

  • Fix for app crash when selecting a pathway/setback on Array Placement and then navigating to Site Definition

April 24, 2023

Design tool 1.27.11

  • Selection tool automatically enabled after closing the Site/Project Info modal in Site Definition

April 20, 2023

Design tool 1.27.10

  • Removed “Show page-specific settings” link in permit package advanced settings. All settings will be displayed by default

  • Fix for issue where pressing the azimuth arrow buttons led to text selection when setting roof face azimuth

  • “Rotate site placard” permit package setting will be hidden when the project electrical code is “2020 NEC” or “2022 CEC”. These electrical codes specify the placard orientation, so the user setting did not have any effect.

  • Added input validation to custom rafter/truss spacing field in roof face properties

April 18, 2023

Design tool 1.27.9

  • Support for displaying contractor information and the Engineer of Record in the title block of the permit package

  • User can specify the MSP short circuit current rating and the main breaker interrupting capacity (AIC), as required by AHJs like the City of Phoenix, AZ

April 12, 2023

Design tool 1.27.6

  • Ability to specify roof condition for individual roof faces.

  • Fix the crash happening on interrupt of an update of a setback/pathway.

  • Some edge cases of tracing led to polygon self-intersection errors. It’s now no longer possible to do.

Host app 0.14.82

  • Fix for bug where the “Password Reset” modal was shown on the Profile page.

April 6, 2023

Design tool 1.27.5

  • Ability to hide base imagery. This lays the groundwork for the custom base imagery feature.

  • Fix for bug causing non-coplanar polygons.

  • Fix for bug the disappearing pan tool icon bug on Firefox browser.

  • Fix for (visually incorrectly) overlapping markers.

  • Fixes for Select inverter form and Available documents appearing on unrelated design stages.

  • Minor UI fixes for icons and styles.

Dashboard 0.14.80

  • Block submit button upon project creation before autocomplete address selection and map update.

April 5, 2023

Design tool 1.27.4

  • Users can now edit/add setbacks and pathways on any roof face, regardless of whether it is selected for solar or not

March 21, 2023

Design tool 1.27.2

  • Fix for issue where only the user who created the project could upload site images

March 14, 2023

Design tool 1.26.15

  • Fix for tracing issue where the preview point would not snap where expected

  • Fix for issue where user could not change inverters when there were two string inverters of the same model selected

March 9, 2023

Design tool 1.26.14

  • Fix for issue where setbacks on opposite sides of a ridge could be different widths and the callout in the permit package arbitrarily displayed one of the two. Now setbacks on adjacent roof faces will have the same width and the callout will display the correct width

March 3, 2023

Design tool 1.26.12

  • Fix for issue where the user could not create parallel strings on inverters with a single MPPT

March 2, 2023

Design tool 1.26.11

  • Fix for a crash that could occur if a user switched to the Site while stringing with MPPTs is initializing

  • “Edit contractor information” form used to load incorrect information sometimes

  • Permit package option is hidden in the Available Documents dropdown

  • Line snap takes over angle snap when both can be applied. In certain cases, both can be applied as if it is one guide (e.g. angle snap decides on the angle a new edge will have, and line snap decides where this edge ends)

February 28, 2023

Design tool 1.26.10

  • Fix for issue that blocked return to Layout Design step after closing the empty “Select inverter” form

  • Fix for issue that resulted in invalid PV module positions being generated on low-slope roofs

February 23, 2023

API: Documents Service 0.27.5

  • Display inverter and module make and model on the site plan

  • Display ESID on cover page

  • Fix for issue where circuits with identical properties were not combined in the circuit table

February 21, 2023

API: Host app 0.14.64

  • Fix for date range filter date format

Design tool 1.26.9

  • Fix for issue in the Array Placement step where the mounting system dialog for a specific roof face stayed open when the roof was unselected for solar

  • Fix for issue where the “Other Views” modal did not follow the cursor when being repositioned

  • Fix for issue where the quantity of strings/branches in the summary panel in Electrical Design step did not reflect the design

  • Fix for issue where user was not able to specify an inverter on the Electrical Design step

  • Fix for issue where it was possible to drag a roof face outside of a roof outline

  • Styling improvement to the Inverter Selection modal for optimizer string inverters - padding was reduced between the dropdown and optimizer options

February 10, 2023

Design tool 1.26.8

  • Fix for issue where the azimuth, when snapped to a roof edge, was being saved as a whole number, causing the PV array to be slightly misaligned with the roof face in some cases. Azimuth values are now saved with higher precision

  • Fix for issue where the Extension Guideline would not appear where expected

  • Improved styling in the equipment marker symbols on Electrical BOS step - the labels are now shown on the marker symbols. This increases visual continuity between canvas and properties panel and saves vertical space.

February 9, 2023

Dashboard 0.14.61

  • Various fixes for issues with entering, deleting, and saving multiple contractor licenses

Design tool 1.26.7

  • Fix for issue where the data from a previous project could be shown when opening a different project

  • Fix for issue where the map and roof face could be displayed at the same height, creating a strange visual texture

February 6, 2023

Design tool 1.26.6

  • Fix for issue where some modules in the default generated PV module layout were shown as invalid

  • Fix for issue where the chosen dates in the date filter weren’t saved after opening a project and going back to the Dashboard

  • Fix for issue where an invalid building name would be applied if you deleted an existing building and then traced another building

February 3, 2023


  • Ability to generate three-line diagrams for Enphase ESS systems

  • Ability to specify “Milbank” as a MSP or subpanel manufacturer

  • Ability to specify K2 Splicefoot X/XL on high definition comp. shingle roof surface type

  • Ability to specify Unirac Flashloc RM mount on low-slope roof faces

Design tool 1.26.5

  • Fix for issue where the app could crash when selecting a second inverter without the first inverter being specified

  • Fix for issue where an invalid roof face name would be applied if you deleted an existing roof face and then traced another roof face

  • Fix for issue where modules that violated mounting system spacing were not shown as invalid in the UI

January 31, 2023

Design tool 1.26.3

  • Fix for issue where the Intercom chat form was not opened when clicking in the “Need help logging in?” link in the “Forgot password” form

  • Fix for issue where the option to download sales documents (System Datasheet and Concept Design) were shown with the owner-builder account type

  • Fix for issue where an incorrect number of branches/strings were shown in the summary panel on the Electrical Design step in some cases

January 25, 2023

Design tool 1.26.2

  • Protrusion tool will remain enabled after tracing a protrusion instead of reverting back to the Selection tool, allowing you to quickly trace multiple protrusions in sequence

  • Fix for issue where it was possible to trace a roof face around another roof face

  • Fix for issue where the Angle Snap guideline interfered with the ability to adjust an existing trace. Adjusting with Angle Snap enabled should work smoothly now

January 23, 2023

Design tool 1.26.1

  • Fix for issue where Array must not contain duplicate elements error would sometimes occur on the Array Placement step

  • Fix for issue where protrusion properties displayed in the UI did not reflect the selected protrusion. Now the actual dimensions of the selected protrusion will be displayed.

  • Fix for issue where it was possible to create overlapping buildings.

January 17, 2023

Design tool 1.26.0

  • Fix for issue where you could not reposition imported 3D models on the canvas

  • Fix for issue where snapping did not work when moving PV module positions on Layout Design

  • Ability to specify the customer first and last name (“Customer of Record”) in the title block

January 15, 2023

Design tool 1.25.0

  • Ability to click and drag to reposition buildings on the canvas

  • Ability to specify Group R5 occupancy classification for projects in the state of NJ

  • Fix for issue where the DC-AC ratio gauge in the inverter selection modal did not reflect the actual max DC-AC ratio for the selected inverter

  • Fix for issue where the mounting system did not update to a compatible option when you changed the module to an incompatible model

  • Fix for issue where an error could occur when attempting to change the mounting system

January 12, 2023


  • K2 Universal Tile Hook added as a mounting option for K2 CrossRail mounting system on tile roof surface types

  • State of AZ code defaults updated - 2017 NEC, 2018 IFC, 2018 other codes

January 5, 2023

Dashboard 0.14.52

  • The date range filter will be reset when creating a project so the new project won’t be hidden on the Dashboard

Design tool 1.24.9

  • Fix for issue where an error would occur when quickly opening and closing multiple projects

  • Improved dragging behavior when setting roof face fill priority on the Array Placement step


December 2022

Dashboard 0.14.47

  • Fix for issue where the active page was not highlighted in the navigation bar

  • Fix for issue where a slash was added to the page header in some cases

  • Improvements to the date filter behavior on the Dashboard, including:

  • Last day of the date range will now be included in search results

  • Reset button now works - the date range will be reset when clicking the button

  • Clicking outside calendar widget will close it

Design tool 1.24.4

  • Fix for issue where a protrusion could be shrunk down to a single point, causing errors

  • Fix for issue where drawing collinear points had unexpected behavior

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