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ASCE 7-16 Edge Areas
ASCE 7-16 Edge Areas
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What are ACSE 7-16 edge areas?

For flush-mounted, pitched-roof designs, ASCE 7-16 29.4.4 stipulates that the PV module array be at least 2h2 (two times h2, the distance from the roof surface to the top side of the PV module). The area within 2h2 of the roof edge is the edge area.

How does it work?

When the default layout is generated during the Array Placement step, the app will ensure that there are no PV modules within the edge area. However, because IronRidge provides engineering guidance for edge modules, projects using IronRidge mounting may default to a layout that includes edge modules.

After the layout is generated, simply move forward with your project as normal.

Warning: Modules can still be placed or moved into these areas during the Layout Design step, although, they may overlap with the edge and exposed areas border denoted on the Attachment Plan (PV-5) and a note expressing compliance will be omitted.

What projects does this affect?

Currently this applies all projects located in Florida and California. If your project does not indicate this compliance and your AHJ requires it, please reach out to our support team and inform them of your need.

What does this look like in my permit package?

This is denoted in multiple parts of PV-5:

  • A dotted border surrounding the edge areas of the roof.

  • Note 2 in the bottom left of the page.

  • A formula and calculation expressing how the required distance was calculated.

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