As of September 2022

Below are features and improvements that we are currently working on, those that are on the horizon, and those that we have added recently.

🚧 In progress

  • Improvements to the array layout design experience

  • ASCE 7-16 edge and exposed module classification

  • Three-line diagrams

  • A steady stream of other small improvements

☝️ Up next

  • ESIDs for projects in Texas

  • Parallel stringing on string inverter MPPTs, such as Sol-Ark

  • Ability to upload custom map imagery (like blueprints or drone images)

🎉 Completed

  • Enphase ESS partial home backup and self-consumption configurations

  • Bill of materials in Excel spreadsheet format

  • Create projects located in Puerto Rico

  • Support for EcoFasten ClickFit mounting system on composition shingle roofs

  • Support for NFPA 1 2021

  • Support for Oregon Fire Code (OFC) 2019

  • Support for ASCE 7-16 wind pressure zones

Evergreen Initiatives

When we are thinking about how to set development priorities, there are a few initiatives that we feel are important to always keep near the top of the list.

AHJ/utility acceptance

  • Maintaining compliance with all nationally-adopted codes and standards

  • Increasing support for localized permitting requirements

  • Increasing support for localized utility requirements

Support for top products

Support for products in the marketplace getting significant traction. We likely cannot support every product, so we prioritize products with more demand.

Ease of use

We are always looking for ways to make the user experience better!

Lower Priorities

These are items that are on our radar, but are of lesser priority.

  • Ground mounts

  • Full support for tilt-up mounting on flat roofs

  • Ballasted mounting

  • Shade analysis

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