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Adding An Energy Storage System
Adding An Energy Storage System

How to add an ESS system on Lyra projects

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Lyra makes designing and permitting solar projects with home energy systems simple, fast, and accurate. By using Lyra to design your whole system, you get an accurate permit package automatically generated with all the required ESS information.

To see all the ESS options we support see this article. Over the course of this year we will be adding more storage options and manufacturers to this list. If there is a preferred option that you would like to see before then, please let us know by contacting our sales team.

Adding ESS to a Lyra project

In Lyra, adding ESS components is done during the Electrical Design step of the System Design. More specifically, after an inverter is selected and before stringing modules.

After selecting an inverter you will be presented with the option to specify energy storage and backup. Lyra currently supports two configurations:

  • Solar self-consumption

  • Partial home backup

After selecting a configuration, you will then need to select which storage solution you're using from the options presented.

Adding a hybrid inverter and battery combination

When designing a system that uses a hybrid inverter, such as the Tesla Powerwall 3 you'll select the inverter in the inverter field and the storage solution will automatically populate with the integrated battery.

After selecting a backup configuration and storage solution, continue with your design and the ESS configuration will be reflected on the permit package. You can see and edit the energy storage component in the Properties Panel of the Electrical Design.

After Generating Locations during the Electrical BOS step, the app will automatically add a pin for the ESS equipment. You should review the location on the canvas and be sure to specify whether it is Indoor or Outdoor in the Equipment pop-out menu, shown below. You can also move the pin on the canvas if need be.

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