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Do you offer proposals?
Do you offer proposals?

This article explains the proposals we offer and how to produce them.

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We offer two proposal documents, the System Datasheet and Concept Design. The Concept Design is a general representation of the project including project info, electrical properties, a bill of materials, and a layout view of the array. The System Datasheet has the same info and more. It has space for custom text that your sales team can fill with a sales spiel, expected cost of the array, electricity offset, etc. This can even auto-populate to save time! To do so, go to your Account Preferences or follow this direct link there.

To download either of our proposal documents you'll open the "Available Documents" area located in the upper right. Click there and the menu shown below will appear.

Next click on the gear to the right of the document you would like to download. This will show the available customization options for each and, when you're ready, click download at the bottom. Here is what's available for the System Datasheet.

Here's what customization options are available for the Concept Design

If you're wondering why the Available Documents menu is missing or greyed out, it will not be available until the Array Placement step has been completed.

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