If the racking system or product you use is not listed in our database, please contact the manufacturer and let them know you'd like their product added to Lyra!

Offering support for a new racking product requires a fair bit of work (collecting data, studying the configuration logic and product-specific limitations, reading the manual and engineering documents, coding a custom product configuration module, collecting and organizing product certifications and documents, creating attachment detail drawings, and then getting final approval from the manufacturer), so we are asking customers who use different racking products to urge the manufacturers to contact us about how we can coordinate to get their products in our app.

At this time, we offer expanded support for the following racking systems:

  • Ironridge Pitched Roof

  • SnapNRack Ultra Rail

  • Unirac Solarmount

  • Quick Mount PV QRail

  • K2 Crossrail

  • SunModo SMR

  • EcoFasten ClickFit

"Expanded support" means:

  • Simplified selection of compatible product configurations within the Mounting BOS step

  • Automatic datasheet generation

  • Attachment detail drawings included in the permit package

  • Accurate array dimensions and hardware weights factored into calculations and reports

  • Inclusion of all racking hardware in the bill of materials

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