Entering Site Info

How to specify the APN, AHJ, Utility, and more

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In the Site Info section we'll specify:

  • National Electric Code Year (we also support the California Electric Code)

  • AHJ

  • Utility Company

  • Zoning

  • Fire Code

  • Assessor's Parcel Number (APN)

  • Project Description

Specifying Site Info

To enter this area of the app we'll select the information logo in the toolbar.

The following window will appear. Using the drop down menus and open fields enter your site info. Be sure to specify the correct Electric Code year at the beginning of your project, as this field affects many aspects of the design, and cannot be adjusted later.


To add a short description of the work open the Project section found at the top of the window and use the open field that appears.

Next Steps

Continue on to begin the System Design. The first step is Array Placement where we'll specify our module, layout, and rail.

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