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Getting Started - Purchase a Permit Package
Getting Started - Purchase a Permit Package
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Once you’ve completed all the design steps and have made the system to your liking, navigate to the permit package modal by going to the Mount BOS step of the System Design. In the properties panel on the right, look to the bottom clicking the Preview Permit Package button.

You will be prompted to generate a low resolution, watermarked preview. The preview is intended to allow you to check that the system parameters are accurate before purchasing the document.

After downloading the preview, the app will calculate the final price of the permit package, factoring in any subscription credits applied to your account.


After previewing your permit package, you have the opportunity to purchase your permit package, in high resolution and free of watermarks. Clicking the purchase button will charge the payment card we have on file, and initiate the download of the package.


Lyra offers unlimited free revisions of permit packages. If you need to make a revision to a permit package that you have already purchased, make the necessary changes to the design and generate the permit package again, free of charge.

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