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Getting Started - Sales Design Quick Start Guide
Getting Started - Sales Design Quick Start Guide

Walkthrough for creating sales proposal designs and documents

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In this tutorial we'll cover the fastest way to create sales proposals with Lyra. These documents require less information than is required for permit packages and users can add that information at anytime but this tutorial will cover the bare minimum information required for generating sales proposals.

How to create a Sales Proposal-Ready Design

Note: as more information is added and steps completed the document(s) will become more detailed.

Generating Sales Proposal Documents

After completing the Layout Design step look to the Available Documents button that has appeared in the upper banner and click to open it.

This will open a dropdown menu showing what documents can be produced. Both the System Datasheet and Concept Design can be used as sales documents.

Note: other documents will become available later as the design is completed.

Comparing the System Datasheet and Concept Design

While both documents are free to generate and can be used as sales proposals, there are differences between the two. The System Datasheet is more customer facing and the Concept Design is more technical. This difference is also reflected in their formatting. The System Datasheet is 8.5"x11" whereas the Concept Design is 11"x17".
To generate either:

  • Click on the download symbol on the left side.

  • select the Gear symbol on the right. Customize what will be included and Option Preferences, then click Download.

System Datasheet Options

  • Include Company Logo

  • Include Bill of Materials

  • include Equipment Identification

  • Annual Production Estimate

  • Company Name

  • Company Representative

  • Customer Phone Number

  • Customer Email

  • Color Scheme

  • Fillable fields - These are intended for inputting custom data like system cost, energy consumption offset, installation timeline, and whatever the sales team finds relevant.

    • System Highlights

    • Company Highlights

    • Company Sales Pitch Heading

    • Company Sales Pitch

Concept Design Options

  • Include Company Logo

  • Project Reference ID

  • Include Empty Fields

  • Include Customer Approval Box

  • Annual Production (kwh)

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