Generate a Permit Package

How to generate a permit package and what optional features can be included

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There's 3 tabs available that will allow you to further customize what's included in the permit package: Options, Images and Documents, Engineer of Record, and Advanced Settings.


When the System Design is complete and you click on Preview Permit Package they will be taken to the the Options Page automatically.

Project Reference ID

This was specified when the project was created and can not be edited on this page, however, it can be edited on the Dashboard

Reviewer Full Name


The preview will be watermarked automatically and not removed until the final permit package is purchased and downloaded. This field allows you to add a watermark to the final version. There are multiple watermark options:

  • None

  • NFC (Not For Construction)

  • FQO (For Quotes Only)

  • Draft

  • Prel. (Preliminary)

Include DWG (SLD only at this time)

When you need to make edits to the single or three line diagram we provide this option to allow for those edits to be done in AutoCAD. The permit package will download as a zip file and when this option is enabled there will be an extra file included, a DWG of the single line or three line diagram.

Images & Documents

Site Images

Site Images of the Main Service Panel can be uploaded. To do so, go back to the Site and select the MSP pin then upload the Site Images at the bottom of the Properties Panel.

Design Files

Lyra allows the upload of custom site-specific and design-specific documentation for permit packages. Here you can upload PDFs to be included as sheets or appendixes. Sheets will include the title block and appendixes will not, like a datasheet.

Parcel Map

The parcel map can be replaced by dragging and dropping a new file into this area. The recommended file dimensions are 750px x 375px. Some files far outside these dimensions will not populate in the permit package.

Advanced Settings

Under the advanced settings tab you will find a myriad of extra features and customization options that can be toggled. Read more about the advanced settings here.

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