Electrical BOS

How to specify the wiring strategy, interconnection method, array equipment locations and review circuits

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Specify wiring strategy

Using the dropdown menus in the properties panel found on the right side select:

  • Preferred Array Wiring Strategy

  • Pass-Thru Box Manufacturer

  • Standalone DC and AC Disconnect(s)

  • Interconnection Method

  • Production Meter Option

Locate BOS equipment

When the above drop down menus are complete, use the green Generate Locations Button at the bottom of the page. After a moment, pins for equipment will drop onto imagery and a legend that looks like this.

Pins will be placed based off of the previously located equipment. Their placement can be adjusted by using the Select Tool then dragging and dropping the particular pin(s).

Review circuit table

The last step of the Electrical BOS is reviewing the circuit table. To get there select Review Circuits and Proceed to Racking at the bottom of the page.

Note: this won't become available until the locations are generated or regenerated.

Lyra will calculate the circuit table, although, it can be edited on this page with the drop down menus and fillable forms. When complete select Proceed to Racking

What's Next?

After completing the Electrical BOS steps next we'll move onto the Mounting BOS where we'll specify rail, mounts, and more.

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