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How to specify the inverter, optimizer, and stringing configuration

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Select Inverter and Optimizer

Using the open field, type in the inverter and select it from the drop down list. When this is done the DC-AC Ratio Status will update. If an optimizer is applicable the option will appear beneath the inverter field. The smallest optimizer compatible will be selected automatically but any compatible optimizers can be selected. If an optimizer is greyed out then it is incompatible with this design.

Summary panel overview

A new field will appear to the left of the Properties Panel called the Summary Panel. The Summary panel will appear slightly differently depending on the type of system being designed (more on that below), but it will always contain the following basic information:

  • AC Current output

  • AC Power output

  • Inverter(s)

  • Stringing configuration

AC modules


String inverters with optimizers

String inverters with internal MPPTs

Stringing modules

First, select the Stringing Tool from the toolbar.

Next, click on a module to begin a string. Continue clicking on modules to add them to string, or click and drag across the modules. A string will have two dots, the smaller of the two is the beginning and the larger dot is the open end. Double click on the final module in the string to end the string.

Repeat this process to complete the stringing configuration.

Module colors and string states

As modules are strung, the color of the modules will denote the string state. View Tips & References panel to see what each color indicates:

Assigning multiple strings to MPPTs

After beginning a string, a prompt will appear asking to select MPPT channel. When that's completed, drag the open string to cover the desired modules. Double click to close or finish the string.

Adding a second inverter

To add a second inverter use this link while specifying the inverter.

Deleting Strings

Strings can be deleted by using the Stringing Tool

Then clicking on either of the white dots on the string. Now that the string is selected, use the delete key and confirm to delete it. Now the modules can be strung differently.

What's Next?

After completing the Electrical Design steps we'll move onto the Electrical BOS where we'll specify the wiring strategy, interconnection method, array equipment locations and review circuits.

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