• Be in Site Definition mode. The Site button in the lower left corner of the workspace will be underlined when in Site Definition mode.

  • To add an obstruction, there must be a roof face that has already been specified. Click here for guidance on tracing roof faces.

Adding an obstruction

Once the preconditions have been met, select the Obstruction Tool from the toolbar.

With the Obstruction Tool selected, click and drag over an area within a roof face to create an obstruction. The obstruction will automatically rotate to align with the roof’s azimuth.

Note: Specifying with the obstruction tool is different than roof tracing, we won’t use single clicks. Instead click and drag over your obstruction. Releasing your click will finish the obstruction tracing.

After tracing the obstruction on the canvas, set the obstruction properties in the panel on the right.

Defining obstruction properties

Select the obstruction on the canvas to view it’s properties in the panel on the right side of the workspace.

Next steps

Continue on to define other aspects of the site before moving on to System Design such as Adding Site Equipment, Complete Weather Data, or Complete Site Info.

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