Lyra offers many improvements over SolarDesignTool, such as:

  • Flexible array layout editor that allows for rotating individual modules

  • Support for the latest structural standards, such as ASCE 7-16

  • Integration with numerous APIs to automatically pull in environmental data and rail spans for IronRidge and Sunmodo mounting systems, eliminating the need to look it up in external tools or manufacturer span tables

  • More permit package customization options, such as the ability to show the site plan as a line drawing for buildings traced from aerial imagery

  • For projects in Florida, 2020 FFPC can be selected as the fire code

  • For projects using Enphase IQ Combiners, the IQ Gateway/Envoy communication unit is shown on the electrical line diagram, as required by some jurisdictions

  • Many other improvements that will continue to roll out regularly

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